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Dog friends Portugal

For some time the readers find views of dogs which are looking for a forever home in the newspaper “Eschweiler Filmpost”. “Dog friends portugal” is responsible for those articles. “Dogfriends Portugal” is a group of animal lovers who works in their leisure time to help homeless dogs in Portugal and they support other animal welfare organizations in portugal. The employees find the motivation for their actions especially in their help for distressed animals. We would introduce you the association and their volunteers: Angelika Jansen, the first chairman works for more than 20 years in animal welfare and she has founded this association. Petra Güßgen is responsible for all financial cases, Sabine Landen is in charge of public relations. The board is completed by Sandra Hergert and Ruth Delhey, Sandra is deputy chairman and Ruth observer.  The german association works together for a long time with the like-mined portuguese organization “Friends of Canil de Portimao”. Over the years a wonderful partnership grows and this especially connection consists of a lot of mutual trust. The target is to safe many dogs from their misery.  On the one hand, directly in Portugal by castration project, on the other, by rehoming in a loving homes.  All dogs who get the possibility to come to Germany have the best medical treatments and a complete immunization. All adult dogs were already castrated and no dog goes in his new home without a blood test. The organization places great emphasis on reliability which unfortunately is not self-evident in animal welfare. Equally important to the helpers is, a best estimate of the characteristics of the animals. This is the only way to make sure that dog and owner hopefully will be happy together for their whole life. On 02/10/2014 the team of “Dogfriends Portugal “started their visit to Portugal to “friends of canil de portimao” .  They visited the lodgings of dogs and experienced a lot of emotional moments. For several years the dogs travel with “Euro Pet Transport” an official carrier. Euro Pet Transport is checked and accepted by DEFRA. “Dog friends Portugal want to have the best care and safety during the whole trip. Due to its proximity to the people and less noise pollution, the dogs are amazingly relaxed on arrival. If you're thinking of adopting a dog, apply in confidence to the team members of "dog friends portugal". Even after the adoption they are available with advice and assistance, should there be unexpected problems with the new family member.

More infomation on the activities and the association you receive or call Sabine Landen 0178/8325723   

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dog friends portugal n.e.V.




dog friends portugal n.e.V

anerkannt als gemeinnützig und besonders förderungswürdig


Wir sind eine Gruppe von Tierfreunden, die alle ehrenamtlich tätig sind, um speziell den Hunden in Portugal zu helfen und die ortsansässigen Tierschutzorganisationen zu unterstützen.


Haben Sie sich schon einmal überlegt, wie viel Sie bewegen könnten, wenn Sie eine ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit ausüben würden?

Informieren Sie sich auf den folgenden Seiten über uns. Und vielleicht möchten Sie ja etwas zu unserer Arbeit beitragen.


dog friends portugal n.e.V.

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